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rosemary_court's Journal

rosemary court
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this is a community for all people who lived at rosemary court or hung out there while it was a hippy/crazy person commune in the late 90's; anyone who has a memory of the place is welcome to share it. i am not expecting anyone else to join this community because so far i have not had any luck finding old rosemary court people on livejournal! but it is here waiting for any of you to find it & join or post in if you feel like. & really even if you never lived there & are a newcomer to rosemary court, anything that you have to say relating to the place is welcome.

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aliens, anarchy, art, artists in wonderland, attic owl, babylon, barry lee bartlett, be here now, bill stone, black magic, bob marley, breatharians, brownstone, cafe kaldi, central avenue, central perk, chess, coffee, communal living, communes, damning the man, dogfish, dogs, drum circles, dumpster diving, emporium ii, escapism, exile, exile on main street, extreme acid use, filth, five points park, food box, freak outs, fruitarians, gator club, george, ghosts, going barefoot, golden bowls, graffiti, grateful dead, gutter punks, head lice, helen's comics, hemp necklaces, hippies, idealism, jah, kaldi, kanega, katie the bearded lady, kickdowns, kind rainbow brothers/sisters, lemon coast, main street, monster bike, monterey pub, mushrooms, newtown, obsessive painting, overtown, paranoia, parker's books, phish, pickin' off ticks, pioneer park, poetry readings, polite cats, psychic vampires, public nudity, rainbow family, rainbro's, ram das, ron-god, rosemary, rosemary cemetary, rosemary court, rusted cooter, sarasota, secret circles, sleazy back rubs, smoking weed in public, sprouts, squatting, stink, telepathy, terence mckenna, the brickyard, the capricorn, the emporium, the philosopher's stone, tiamat, tour rats, trustifarians, vegetarian dogs, vw buses, walking hairy eyeballs, wheat grass juice, word fasting, zion